Last month, Amanda linked to our site from Unboomed which created a large volume of traffic… traffic that was later overtaken by her handsome brother (and regular Galacticast contributor) Andrew’s new blog/vlog Pawn Takes.

This all made logical sense since Andrew was higher up on Amanda’s links list… people probably linked to his site from Unboomed and later linked to us from his links list.

It wasn’t until we were featured on Kong is King last week that Andrew was overtaken by the mammoth site.

On Saturday night, though, Rudy and I checked our stats and noticed an interesting trend… our Queen Kong windows media file had been watched a ridiculous amount of times in the past 24-48 hours! In fact, judging from sites vs. views, the video had been watched 2-3 times by most people who saw it! This led Rudy to do some investigating…

We signed into our host account and had a look at our top referrers. To our surprise, Kong is King was no longer our top referrer… that place was now reserved for Giantess City, a forum for those enamored with the fantasy of 50 ft. women!

Wow… we never expected that! That said, though, we do understand it… As the proud owner of an original Attack of the 50 ft. Woman poster, it’s easy to see the appeal of a giant attractive girl gone wild!

Thanks for the traffic, Giantess City!