This (quite aptly) showed up in our junk mail filter this morning:

Name: Josh | E-mail: | IP: | Date: September 5, 2006

As harmless and cute as you present yourself, you comments here make you sound really clueless.

Oh, this is going to be good…

Are you seriously saying you’ve seen no black vloggers?? Then that’s your limited vision, there are plenty out there.

Funny you should mention this… we were not discussing black vloggers (who ARE, in fact, a minority). Our point, which you misunderstood, was that we don’t have any close black friends to use in our skits. As you may have noticed, everyone in our skits are old friends from high school… a Catholic suburban high school where we had 2-3 black kids in our grade (1 in 100).

As for Superman in blackface, I think you should have known better.

I apologize for your lack of humour, but my colourization of Rudy’s face was hilarious.

At this point I’m just surprised you guys didn’t hall off and have HAL say “n–ger”. Clearly, whoever did the HAL jive-talking (as if that is what makes a black person identifiably black) wanted to go there, but didn’t.

HAL was inspired by Mr. T; a black comedy figure, not a serious person. Again, you are lacking in a sense of humour and should be drug out to the street and slapped with a rubber chicken for your insolence.

And when you said this episode made you realize “Whoa! I ‘do’ have black friends!” I almost wretched. Hopefully you guys will never get very popular. And no, just because someone else you like (i.e. Colbert) does something doesn’t make it okay.

I honestly don’t think in terms of race very often… I don’t think of my friends as being black or white, but since we often need black actors to take black roles in our parodies, we are sometimes forced to think “do we know anyone who can play this role for us?”

In case you didn’t get it, yes, I thought the episode was stupid and offensive, as well profoundly lacking in any real humor. But as history has shown, true humor is normally born of intelligence… You guys are cute and all, but everyone can see you’re not the sharpest tacks in the bunch.

The truth, Josh, is that you are not the sharpest tack in the bunch. Had you been sharper, you would have understood that we were making a comedic commentary on pop culture about how the presence of visible minorities is, too often, to have that TOKEN presence.

Next time, have the balls to leave your real e-mail address. Leaving a false address only admits to your own fallacy and amplifies your cowardice.