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This weekend, Blip hosted a launch/going away party for Amanda Congdon’s new videoblog Amanda Across America. We kept saying we couldn’t go because we’ve been so busy this month (with FanExpo, PodCamp, etc.), but after bonding with Amanda and Mario at PodCamp the weekend before and Rudy working closely with them all week on their web site, we felt a growing unease.

On Thursday night Rudy turned to me in bed and said “we should go”… I instantly jumped up and yelled “YES!!!”. It was as if we were both thinking the same thing.

On Friday I got most of the editing done for Node 666 and packed our bags to head on OUR road trip (if they’re driving to LA, the least we could do it drive to NYC).

On Saturday we left at noon and got to NYC around 7pm. The original idea involved Charles Hope giving Amanda/Mario a card saying “Extraordinary actions for extraordinary people” but then Rudy insisted on using a tagline that he shared with Amanda and Mario (making the message more cryptic): “understanding is ovlov”.

We walked in two minutes later and all hell broke loose… it made every second of our drive worth it!

Credits: Charles Hope (Original Post)