Though it sounds like it, the title of this post does not refer to an eighties new wave band… it refers to this sexy new layout inspired by Robert Rodriguez’s Grind House poster (aka Planet Terror), designed by Rudy and I, with graphics created by Josh Leo.

When we first designed the Galacticast site, we wanted to give it an old B-movie feel… which we never really felt we attained since the site was so similar to our old sites and Rocketboom. With this new redesign we felt it was important to give it a full on B-movie poster feel without using the original Grind House image so as not to break any copyrights.

After preparing everything for the new layout, Rudy sent the draft image to Josh Leo asking him to muddy the poster up to make it look old and tatterred. What we got back was hilarious…

Robert Rodriguez + Rudy Jahchan + Josh Leo = Awesomeness

Since Josh sent us a Gimp xcf file, he added a layer with the Grind House poster and added my face to the image… frightening, but it made us laugh out loud!

If we had a league of awesomeness, Josh Leo would be the first one mentioned on the list. Thanks for all your help on our new layout, Josh! We love you.