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A behind the scenes video shot by Rudy to announce that he will soon restart his old blog at CodeRonin.net and to send shout outs to our vloggie homeboys.

Mentioned: Vloggies, Zardoz, Mario Librandi, Andrew Congdon, Amanda Congdon, Mike Hudack, Charles Hope, Steve Woolf, Rey brothers (Rick and Eric), Steve Garfield, Zadi Diaz, Bekah Havens, Ryanne Hodson, Michael Verdi, Schlomo Rubinovich, Chuck Olsen, Ted Tagami, Mooki, Brian Conley, Rudy’s brothers (Dany and Roy), Rudy’s mummy and daddy, Tony Katz, Bui Brothers, Dave Noiseux, 2-bit brownies, Rocketboom, Andrew Baron, Joanne Colan, Chris Brogan, Robert Scoble, Alec Baldwin, Dan McVicar, William Shatner, Casey’s Flickr Photos