Photo courtesy of Laughing Squid

We attended the first annual Vloggies this weekend and won not one, not two, but FIVE Vloggies!!!

Here is a list of our awards:

  • Best Special Effects (Judges’ Award)
  • Best Entertainment (Fiction) Vlog (Viewer’s Choice Award)
  • Best Special Effects (Viewer’s Choice Award)
  • Best Web Site Design (Viewer’s Choice Award)
  • Best Collaboration, Node 666 (Viewer’s Choice Award)

[Click here for a complete list of winners.]

While in San Francisco, we stayed in the hotel room where Alfred Hitchcock shot Vertigo with James Stewart and Kim Novak.

The Vertigo Room

It was a great weekend, with wonderful people like Dan McVicar

Photo courtesy of Cirne

Rick Rey

Zadi Diaz, Steve Woolf and many others.

Casey, Zadi, Steve, Hayden

We got to see a clip of Queen Kong on the big screen (making Queen Kong a true 50 ft. woman)…

Photo courtesy of Chuck Olsen

And we presented the award for best News Vlog to Andrew Michael Baron of Rocketboom.

Photo courtesy of Chuck Olsen

Thanks to everyone who voted for us. This weekend was truly a weekend of wonderful surprises!