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Above: Rudy Jahchan and Casey McKinnon

Rudy and I were tagged by Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf for Blog-Tag: A game for a virtual cocktail party. Who were in turn tagged by Steve Garfield and Chris Brogan.

So without further ado, here are our five facts:

Casey McKinnon

  1. She is a descendant of United Empire Loyalists who escaped the American Revolution, and is distinguished by the capitals U.E. affixed to her name: Casey Erin McKinnon U.E. (She rarely uses the title since she does not want to be perceived as arrogant)
  2. She is blood related to two US Presidents: #41 and #43.
  3. Other than English, she has studied Korean, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Gaelic, Spanish and French.
  4. When applying to a Masters degree in International Security, she impressed a former CIA agent working at the University by spying on him and later reporting her findings to him during her interview… including information stating that he had died in the 1970s.
  5. With $20 left to her name, she once headed out onto the streets of Edinburgh (Scotland) as an Elvis impersonator to collect money busking to passers by. Too shy to perform to the strangers on the street, she went home… and found a message on her answering machine offering her a job.

Rudy Jahchan

  1. Went to British school in the Middle East and actually had a British accent until losing it after he moved to Canada.
  2. His parents dated during the Lebanese Civil War and his father crossed the frontline every day to see his mother.
  3. He once won second place in an art contest to create a poster with the theme “put Christ back into Christmas”.
  4. He once tried to write a Titanic musical with his brother Dany.
  5. He nearly flew off a cliff in the Swiss Alps while on a ski trip with his school.

So now we’re tagging Mario Librandi, Amanda Congdon, Josh Leo, Michael Tyas and Bonny Pierzina.