Episode 2.2: Another 24 Hours

The terror alert level has just been lowered
Executive Producers Rudy Jahchan Casey McKinnon Written by Rudy Jahchan Dave Noiseux Casey McKinnon Directed by Rudy Jahchan Editing by Casey McKinnon Special Effects by Rudy Jahchan Starring Dave Noiseux Rudy Jahchan Casey McKinnon Make-up Provided by Rudy’s Parents Inspired by 24 Superman is a Dick

33 Comments to “Episode 2.2: Another 24 Hours”

  1. Very excited to see a 24 spoof! Casey does an amazing Chloe, and the interrogation scene is classic!

    - Rick Rey, January 22nd, 2007
  2. That’s amazing and really funny, maybe you could find more and more ideas with this tv movie, the interrogation is great still laughing after 1o minutes

    - Cuoredifango, January 22nd, 2007
  3. Super…24 is one of those shows I never even botherd to watch.I got the jist of it by watching the teasers while flicking chanels.Who does not love a good interagation.Dirka, dirka.
    Have a “super day.”

    - Bladehoonslayer, January 22nd, 2007
  4. ROFL! Another great one! Good job. Casey has Chloe’s mannerisms down pat!

    - Andrew (Sandman5), January 22nd, 2007
  5. I am so conflicted, supermans a dick but so is Jack. How can I choose who to support, oh Galacticast why do you create such moral conumdrums!

    - Heiko, January 22nd, 2007
  6. Oh my. Superman IS a dick. Maybe that explains why I feel like I’ve ALREADY been at the office for 9 hours. And is it just my imagination, or was Batman killing The Drummer from Planetary. He’s a dick, too.

    - Jeff, January 22nd, 2007
  7. This is awesome. HHAAHA. blood stuff, freeform camera and a nice move away from green screen stuff for a change. Great. :)

    - Phil, January 22nd, 2007
  8. HA! I hadn’t ever watched 24 until recently so the timing of this is perfect.
    Now all we need is a scene with Jack “questioning” (ie ‘torturing’ for those who don’t read ‘Merican) Cal with a Kryptonite turkey baster while FOX News reports on The Man of Steel having ties to Al Queda and the Democratic party….

    - Ubidubium, January 22nd, 2007
  9. Hooray ! for years I’ve been wondering what was happening to Jack Bauer the other 364 days of the year and thanks to you, i know now ! Good grief Casey : your rendition of Chloe O’Brien is so accurate that i almost throw my mug on my iMac’s screen ! !

    - jeanphi, January 22nd, 2007
  10. chloe!!!
    shoot first
    office space!

    Fun episode!

    - steve garfield, January 22nd, 2007
  11. haha! great episode! i personally loved the camerawork

    - ERIC REY, January 22nd, 2007
  12. Oh man that was great. Casey did a great Chloe and double the Rudy fun. Love it.

    - Clintus, January 22nd, 2007
  13. That was great! Casey, this wasn’t your apartment though, unless you guys fnally got an HQ! This means your HQ will put out Galacticast 24 times a day!

    Some of the sound effects and music seemed of Apple and Mac origin. The only reason I bring this up is because I thought you guys used Premiere on Windows. You guys got a Mac now? (Like me?!)

    - CarLBanks, January 22nd, 2007
  14. Yooooo! GalacticastHQ! It would be like The Dome of Doom form Samurai Jack! Nice!
    And don’t you fear guys, that the Pan American Superman Association will sue you, for showing the World that Superman is a dick? Or the Citizens Raging Against Phone? They quite powerful, you know?
    Oh and Dave is back! Hooray!


    - Ignac, January 22nd, 2007
  15. episode. it’s just too damn funny: a little TDF, if you will. Seriously, I have no words for this.

    “My name is- AAAAHHH!!”

    I can’t stop giggling like an idiot. It’s probably because I am an idiot. Oh well.

    Great work guys.

    - Dany, January 22nd, 2007
  16. Cool episode! 24 is one of those shows I haven’t gotten around to watching, but wish I had. Though I think after seeing your version, I would be disappointed. :)

    - Zadi, January 22nd, 2007
  17. The homage to SouthPark was just perfect.

    Dirka Dirka.

    Tony Katz

    - Tony Katz, January 23rd, 2007
  18. I FEEL GREAT!!!

    Great skit, though it’s been another 24 hours and Bauer has NOT gone to the john. No wonder he’s sooo cranky.

    - WrightBrain, January 23rd, 2007
  19. Being a method actor, I disallowed myself from using the ‘facilites’ for two days leading up to shooting. We finished, walked off-set, and my pants LITERALLY exploded. It sounded like a carbomb. Casey dove for cover. Rudy… well… we’ll all miss him dearly.

    - Dave, January 23rd, 2007
  20. As Rudy would say, super!!! :)

    - Leonardo, January 24th, 2007
  21. Dave,

    Way to take one for the team, bro.

    - WrightBrain, January 24th, 2007
  22. O.M.G. -> What the hell is wrong with me??? YES!!! I am one of those dumb asses that wouldn’t shuck out the cash for a video iPod, but was lucky enough to have received one for Christmas, this past Christmas. And… YES!!! I went straight to the iTunes store to download all the FREE Podcasts. My “C” Drive keeps filling up, and I am forced to watch iPod videos all the time to free up space on the “C” Drive… CAUTION! Watching Video iPod while driving is not very smart… but it will free up some valuable space on the old “C” drive… ANYHOO!!! What the hell is wrong with me? I instantly start looking for X-Rated content for my iPod, and come across KitKast. I am hooked – I had to watch them all! And now I am deleting all my Lamo shit to make room for Galacticast. Casey, Rudy, & Vince, YOU ROCK! I am now watching (for the very first time) SURVIVOR DUNE – O.M.G. – this is better than Survivor Outback (II) – You three are multi-talented, very creative, fun-loving people. Keep up the GREAT WORK~!!! BY THE WAY!!! I will convert my original SURVIVOR application, from 5 years ago, to iPod mp4 format, and upload to you. The editing was good for the technology of the day – YOU WILL BE PROUD! as I am not a professional. Who knows, maybe you can dubb some of my video into your next Survivor Dune scene. Keep up the GREAT WORK – We Geeks (that like a little porn every now and again) must stick together. -Paul – aka HUDMAN

    - HUDMAN, January 25th, 2007
  23. ….Whoa.

    - Dave, January 25th, 2007
  24. I also couldn’t wait for this day too end lol please don’t turn back time lol!!!!

    - Midnighttlc, January 25th, 2007
  25. Casey, you were better than Chloe! Amazing storytelling guys!

    - Michael Tyas, January 27th, 2007
  26. This was great. I loved the super twist at the end. Poor delivery guy. And I was sure we were gonna see Jack playing mine sweeper on the computer. Great episode.

    - Anthony, January 27th, 2007
  27. hey…I’m Jack Bauer!
    Honored! All y’all ROCK!

    - Sean Galt, January 27th, 2007
  28. Yes!!!! you showed a Batman toy!!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and the episode was good as well… ;)

    - Heath aka The Batman Geek, January 28th, 2007
  29. Totally brilliant.

    - Rupert, January 29th, 2007
  30. Haha Rudy typecasted as the terrorist (mailman).

    - Steven, January 29th, 2007
  31. Casey on t’aiiiiiiiime !!!

    - Unter den Linden, February 15th, 2007
  32. Ha! Excellent Chloe, Casey!


    - missb, February 23rd, 2007
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