Episode 2.12: Battlestar Galacticast

Spoiler Alert!

(A 17 minute collaboration with BSG Cast.)

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  1. How did you do that special effect with the Galactica streaking down towards the planet? WooHoo! Maybe you can get the show to do something similar?


    - Paul, April 24th, 2007
  2. Nice. Ver’ nice.

    - Dave, April 24th, 2007
  3. Nice, great Eddie, The return of nudity. great jail house love sceen. Top notch Kara in the viper.All the cast just did so well so funny.The bar has been raised. Slap fight!Shark jumping?? BSG Cast Excellent stuff.

    - Bladehoonslayer, April 24th, 2007

    The ‘torture’ scenes had me completely in stitches.

    Ah Roslin and her airlock. :P

    - Calamity, April 24th, 2007
  5. Bravo! The best ever. I stand in awe of your talent.

    Season four of BSG starts filming in May and no episodes will be shown until 2008. So, you should just do your job and produce a BSG episode once a month.

    All the best,

    - Irish Hermit, April 24th, 2007
  6. I was very impressed with the visuals in this episode. From the lighting to the compositing, I think it’s the best I’ve seen.

    Do you attribute it to the sweet camera that was used or new effects skills and/or techniques?

    Keep it up.

    - kary, April 24th, 2007
  7. Perfect in so many ways. Bravo.

    - Clintus, April 24th, 2007
  8. Damn, hit post too soon. I wanted to say that the scene you used where the ship is coming towards the planet is probably my favorite scene ever. My favorite scene in this episode, Baltar taking it from Casey then Rudy while looking at 6′s Playboy. Brilliant.

    - Clintus, April 24th, 2007
  9. Paul – The secret? Lit a baguette on fire and tossed it in the air. Truth!

    Bladeshoonslayer – Thanks man. Though you have us worried for when we return to our regular scheduled program.

    Calamity – Ah, nothin’ like good ole ass-rape to get the truth out.

    Irish Hermit – We’ll get right on that, as soon as we could get the funding … anyone out there ready to buy a God Emperor credit? Yes? No?

    Kary – I attribute it all to the wonderous talents of Matt and Natt. They are talented cinemaphiles and journos, behind the wonderbar BSGCast, YourGeekNews, and YourGreekNews). Basically, they brought the professional equipment, skills, and love of BSG. We just bought our humor … and ass-rape. We really want to do it again sometime …

    Clintus – Me too.

    - Rudy, April 24th, 2007
  10. That was Frackin’ great! … I mean … totally frackin’ awesome.

    Well done.

    - David Meade, April 24th, 2007
  11. It looks like you guys had so much fun doing this.

    I loved it with the multiple same model cylon girl action.

    - Enric, April 24th, 2007
  12. Loved it. Especially the baby toasters, “Do Your Job,” and Kara and the cockpit. Beautiful camerawork and great acting, BTW. I hope you don’t all get hired by BSG and have to stop spoofing it.

    - Tim, April 24th, 2007
  13. i’m not a BSG fan persay, however, I still found this entertaining, and not just because I’m in GeekLove with both of you.

    - drew olanoff, April 24th, 2007
  14. I agree with kary, really nice backgrounds, effects and compositing!!!

    - Will, April 24th, 2007
  15. Almost sacrilegous, but VERY funny! Whenever I have to work, I will remember Rudy’s voice: MmrmrmmMrmrmMMrrmmrdo your job!

    - Ignac, April 24th, 2007
  16. Next level visuals. Awesome, awesome lighting and green screen work. And sweatiness. And mumbling. And there’s nothing like a good slap fight.

    - Steve Woolf, April 24th, 2007
  17. Great effects and green screen!
    Rudy, no worries about the “regularly scheduled program” that’s what we tune in for! Looks like it was tons of fun to shoot!

    - Zadi, April 24th, 2007
  18. Epic. Nice work all around. :)

    - Bill Cammack, April 24th, 2007
  19. Awesome… But DANG, spoiler alert!!! I’m only on episode 3X11… So I found out a few things I didn’t really want to know just yet. :(

    Can’t wait for next week’s episode. ;-)

    - Fred, April 24th, 2007
  20. Wonderful, Awesome, I’m still laughing.
    Great parody of BSG.
    The fun the cast must have had, was it just one big party?
    Are you planning for the BSGcast cast members to be in another show with Galacticast?

    - nimble2, April 24th, 2007
  21. Wow. HD really makes all the difference. Now I can count Rudy’s pores.

    - Steve, April 24th, 2007
  22. That must have taken forever to write! I’m so impressed by you guys. I think the two casts work well together and having a wider variety of people to work with really paid off given the longer time. I was laughing for every minute of it! You all are great and I can’t wait to see what next. Keep ‘em coming.

    (I understand Ignac’s comment about that being almost sacrilegous… If it had been Star Trek, I’d have screamed heresy;)

    Well done all!

    - AndrewSmith, April 24th, 2007
  23. It looks great on your site, guys! And yeah, it was totally a party from start to finish… and as the guy who played catcher to not just Casey, but Rudy too, you know it’s gotta be true!
    It’s great to read all the kind words on the production value, it was easy to do with such a great team as Rudy and Casey!
    Can’t wait for the next time we get to work together, Nat and I loved the experience!


    - Matt, April 25th, 2007
  24. Agreed, it was a party for at LEAST a good 14 hours of shooting and I’m so glad to hear that everyone’s been enjoying it!
    Damn, I would definitely be up for us doing an episode once a month! LOL
    And it’s fantastic to hear that everyone loves the special effects and compositing that were done. We have some talented folks between Galacticast and BSGcast!
    And YES to people loving the most minute details like Rudy’s uber textured face as Adama…ahh the deliciousness of HD.

    We love you guys, Casey and Rudy! We need more colaboration projects :)


    - Nat, April 25th, 2007
  25. Amazing all around. The lighting and effects on this one – wow! Love love.

    - Micki Krimmel, April 25th, 2007
  26. Best special effects yet!

    - Michael Tyas, April 25th, 2007
  27. That was great guys! Keep up the good work!

    - The Right Rev Chumley, April 28th, 2007
  28. [...] Speaking of Galacticast, they’ve upgraded their equipment. A new wireless clip-on microphone will hopefully solve the dreadful echo that has been distracting from the quality of the show a bit, and they’ve hooked themselves up with an HD camera (like the one that filmed this episode). [...]

  29. Welll just do your job…

    - Rush the chosen one, November 15th, 2007
  30. Your Baltar- and Boomer-Clones are great! Video is such a good quality! You all did your Job frakin’ great!!!

    A german BSG-Fan

    - Rob, November 17th, 2007

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