GALACTIContest #1

The Challenge: Make a 2 to 4-minute sci-fi-related comedy sketch* and compress it to iPod format (.m4v or .mov, 320×240 or 480×270). After uploading it to a server, send us a link to your video by e-mailing us at galacticast at If uploading to a server is not an option, send us an e-mail to inquire about other ways to transfer your file.

The Prize: The winning video will air on Galacticast on Monday, June 12th, and the winner will receive a $30 (USD) gift certificate for iTunes.

The Deadline: June 7, 2006. (The sooner you send it, the better)

*Please note that Galacticast will not claim ownership over your material. By entering the contest, you are simply allowing us to post your content and promote your creativity.